Darul Ifta (Mufti program) is a two year advanced program of Fiqh (Islamic Law) open to those students who have already completed the Aalim program.

Students in this program research and analyze, under the auspices of a certified Mufti,  the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (saw), rulings of the companions, the Mujtahid Imams, and the accepted and rejected rulings of the Fuqaha.  Studies include books of FiqhUsul-ul-Fiqh,  Fatawa, Tafseer, and other sciences. Students practice researching and compiling answers with reference to the source books under the guidance of the Mufti who reviews all textual responses.

Darul Ifta regularly responds to inquiries from families and organizations seeking counsel on personal matters ranging from Prayer to Business transaction.  They also contribute regularly in the Fatawa section of our bi-monthly magazine, “Al-Madinah.”