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Note: If you are paying Zakah with your PayPal account, please consider that the full amount you enter is not sent to the recipient. Rather, PayPal charges a fee for each transaction of 2.9% plus $0.30USD for the amount received. You will need to factor in this fee when paying your Zakah via PayPal so we may receive the amount for Zakah that you intend to pay. Please use the following formula to determine how much you need to enter into your PayPal payment in order to make the desired contribution:
Payment to be entered into PayPal = (Zakah you intend to give ) / (1 – 2.9%) + $0.30 USD
Example: If you intend to make a contribution of $1,000 USD for Zakah, you would enter $1,030.18 USD into PayPal so that we may receive the $1,000 you have intended to give.
Payment to be entered into PayPal = $1,000 USD / (1 - 2.9%) + $0.30 USD 
Payment to be entered into PayPal =      ($1,000 USD / 0.971) + $0.30 USD 
Payment to be entered into PayPal =$1,030.17 USD
The intended amount of Zakah ($1,000 USD) would be sent to us and the remaining $30.17 USD would be taken by PayPal as a transaction fee.
Please note that this calculation is based on the current fees set by PayPal which are subject to change. Although we will do our best to update our website if there are any changes, we still advise that you confirm the amount of the PayPal transaction fee prior to making the payment.

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