Jami Masjid Sisters' Mentoring Program

Jami Masjid Sisters’ Mentoring Program An initiative designed to support sisters in struggle, or, new sisters as they embark on their journey of Islam. A masjid plays an important role in building one’s faith, but, direct support through new beginnings and struggles can be found in mentoring. Traditionally, in Islam, when someone became Muslim they were given an added name which was affiliated to a tribe and that tribe would take them under their wing providing emotional, financial, educational and even matrimonial support. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) use to assign a companion to assist the needs of a new Muslim and teach them about ablution, prayer and other basics of practice.

The role of the mentor is to help alleviate difficulties and act as a positive guide. Sisters will reach out to one another to develop relationships based on care and concern of spiritual growth. The key features of this program include the sharing of advice, spiritual encouragement and assistance in reaching one’s individual personal goals in striving to eliminate struggles and attain the inner contentment found in practicing Islam. Mentors are approved by the Imam of the masjid and information shared between mentees will be kept confidential unless both parties agree to seek further help.

Yes! I would like to be assigned a spiritual mentor.